Driveway Paving Lancaster PA

Lancaster Paving Pros offers high quality driveway paving resurfacing services throughout Lancaster, PA. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our highly trained paving contractors are dedicated to giving you premium results as quickly as possible. Your driveway can look its best, and with our premium driveway paving services, it will. Simply pick up the phone to contact our team to see how much it will cost to resurface your driveway.

Driveway Resurfacing in Lancaster, PA

Is your driveway wearing down? Does it have noticeable cracks and potholes? Are you looking for a team of expert paving contractors to deliver a premium result for a reasonable price point? If so, then our driveway resurfacing solutions might just be what you are after. We start with an inspection of your property and then look to see what we need to do repair your driveway. We look forward to helping you at Lancaster Paving Pros.

Repairs for Your Driveway

Sometimes resurfacing involves repairing your driveway first. If you have cracking or potholes in your asphalt driveway, we can help. We use the highest quality asphalt to repair cracks and potholes to give you a premium result you’ll be proud of.

Driveway Overlays

Asphalt overlaying brings a new layer of asphalt to the top of a deteriorating piece of asphalt to create a smooth appearance. Our paving contractors know how to carefully remove existing asphalt and add a new layer to enhance your driveway quickly. For an attractive result, you can turn to our professional paving company.

When you’re looking for a professional asphalt paving company in Lancaster, PA, you can count on Lancaster Paving Pros to get the job done right. Your driveway can look its best. With a little help from our professional paving contractors, you can get a better outcome. For a free estimate for driveway repairs, overlays, sealcoating and much more, turn to our team.

Asphalt Crack Sealing & Advanced Driveway Repairs


Lancaster Paving Pros strives to be the best team of asphalt paving contractors in Lancaster, PA. Our experience and dedication to a job well done sets us apart. If you are looking for asphalt crack sealing and advanced driveway repairs, we are the team to help you. We can analyze every crack and pothole to quickly repair it. Your driveway doesn’t have to wear down quickly. Instead, you can call us for all your driveway crack sealing and repair services in Lancaster, PA.

Bump Repairs Begone

Does your driveway have extensive bumps? If so, our bump repair services are the right fit. We use high-quality materials to achieve a bump free surface for your residential or commercial driveway. Don’t let bumps lead to more serious problems for your vehicles or your guest’s vehicles. Give our top rated driveway paving contractors a call to fix them.

Pothole Repairs  

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If your driveway has potholes we can help there too. Potholes lead to extensive damage if not repaired. Consider making us your paving company for all your pothole repairs.

When you’re ready to hire a team of expert paving contractors to fix your driveway, give Lancaster Paving Pros a call. We are affordable, top rated, and have reviews to back up our experience. Reach out to us for a free driveway repair, resurfacing, or installation estimate.