Looking for high quality driveway repairs and sealcoating in Lancaster, PA? If so, Lancaster Paving Pros would be happy to help. Our team of seasoned paving contractors can identify the source of your cracks and damage to create a strategic plan to repair it. We can also make sure your asphalt continues to look great by performing sealcoating services. Consider us to be your go-to paving company in Lancaster, PA for all your driveway needs.

Professional Driveway Repairs in Lancaster, PA

Choosing the right paving company can be overwhelming, but if you’re looking for the best near me, we are it. We have experience and are dedicated to giving you a polished result for your driveway. Here are some of our driveway repair services.

Crack Repairs

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Don’t let cracks turn into potholes and larger damage. Instead, you can reach out to our committed team of asphalt paving experts for a free asphalt paving repair estimate. We get to the heart of your damage and repair needs quickly.

Pothole Repairs

Potholes are not only annoying, but they can also lead to more serious damage to your vehicle and driveway. However, if you catch them early enough you can avoid more expensive repairs. That’s what we help you do. We inspect your driveway to see where repairs are needed and then get to work repairing them.

Milling and Damage Repairs

If you have noticed damage on your driveway, it could be time to hire a licensed, bonded, and insured paving company to come take a look. We analyze your driveway to see what repairs are needed then provide a free asphalt damage repair estimate. We can also provide milling services which help repair the foundation of your driveway. This process involves removing a portion of your asphalt and adding a new piece over time to create a polished result.

For commercial paving and residential driveway repairs, simply reach out to the Lancaster Paving Pros team. We will put together a fast free paving estimate to determine what you need for your driveway to look its best. We look forward to hearing from you.

Driveway Resurfacing and Sealcoating in Lancaster, PA

Resurfacing and sealcoating are two additional services we provide. Resurfacing tends to be more expensive, but the results are well worth the effort. We desire to create a powerful driveway result that you’ll be happy to have.


We consider sealcoating services to be a maintenance service. Sealcoats are used to protect the surface layer of asphalt from damage, UV rays, and other tiny repairs as needed. It creates an attractive finish as well. It is ideal for any commercial or residential asphalt driveway.


Resurfacing should only be executed by professionally trained paving contractors. At Lancaster Paving Pros, that’s precisely what we do. We provide premium results for an affordable rate.

Crack Repairs

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Cracks too can lead to more serious outcomes. Fortunately, our crack repairs are designed to heal the surface of your driveway with very little effort on your part. Our top rated paving contractors can perform the job to the highest standards if you contact us.

For a free driveway paving estimate for your commercial or residential property, consider our highly reviewed, experienced, and friendly paving contractors in Lancaster, PA.